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OilPainter Ltd. stands for a team of artists, designers and technicians. These are supported by an administration that relieves the creative process at best.
Patient and precise finishing touches, including the use of mechanical aids, create impressive, colorful and illusionistic works thanks to a unique and new technique. The concrete or abstract motifs are inspired by nature, by life, by the logic of the geometry and by everything that has been around. Out of this we originate the surprising new.
The paintings are mostly executed in acrylic on canvas and mounted on a wooden stretcher frame. Sometimes other materials are painted and oil paints are used, determined by the lightness of being and the unique way of life in Zurich.
Mysteries and secrets open up to the viewer, he faces a colorful diversity, an incomparable light, a unique brushwork, sometimes irritation.
The high recognition value and the unmistakable style form paintings as of a single artist, the team merges into a single creator of works, the paintings seem to bear the hallmarks of a single artist.
The works of the OilPainter team are available online, to browse our shop is like immersion in a virtual gallery.

Commercial Register

OilPainter Ltd. has been registered on 8th of May 2012 in the Commercial Register of the Canton of Zurich under the company number CH- (excerpt in german). The share capital of CHF 100.000 is fully paid and divided into 10.000 registered shares with a nominal value of CHF 10.


Patric L├╝thi had the business idea, financed the inputs in the development phase, set up in the wake the OilPainter Ltd. and officiates now as CEO and majority shareholder. He has worked as a director or board member of various companies for 26 years.


OilPainter Ltd. is adequately equipped with capital to involvement of investors and has - from today's perspective - sufficient funds to reach the breakeven point. The additional allocation of investments is not ruled out if a strategic advantage for OilPainter Ltd. can be identified. If you are interested please contact the management.